Bed bug

Cimex Lectularius


Length: From 3 to 5mm. Flat oval-shaped body covered in hairs making it looks as if it were striped. Brownish red colour or darker. Small wings in the form of scales.

Living Areas

Beds, crack, slits, furniture and various dark places. Likes human heat and warm places. Habitually active at night. Only bites in the dark or at night.


Adult: bites humans and warm-blooded animals to feed. Larvae: same as the adults.


Stains beds, wall covers and furniture with excretions. Itching and sleepless nights.

Life Cycle

The bed bug breeds only in adulthood. With a regular blood supply available for feeding, a bed bug has a life span of approximately 9 months, but it can also live up to 18 months and without feeding. Adult females lay 3 to 8 eggs per day, adding up to 400–500 eggs throughout their lives. The eggs hatch on average within 10 days and the larvae begin feeding immediately. The larvae go through 5 stages before reaching adulthood, and need to feed once at each stage.