The VIGIRAT sensor is a system for detecting and counting rodents. It detects the heat and movement of rodents for clear and precise monitoring in real time. The user is instantly notified by email, SMS and via the mobile application as soon as a rodent is detected or captured.

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Mice / Black rats / Brown rats


Detection / Monitoring

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– Monitoring 24/7.
– Immediate alert : real-time information on rodent activity.
– Intuitive user interface: website + smartphone application (with reporting and documentation).
– Sensors can be positioned on any type of support, in hard-to-reach areas, in places where the use of chemical bait is restricted or not allowed.
– A simple system, easy to install and use – Plug & Play.
– Autonomous sensor, no relay or central unit required.


VIGIRAT detectors can be placed:
– Within boxes of captures RD BOX (Ref. R0930) and RD VBT (Ref. R0931).
– On / in bait stations such as the BOBBY BOX (Ref. R3225) with a special location.

References / Packaging

R4586 (Unit)