RAXIT door seal

The Raxit Door Seal is a proofing seal for doors and gates. The seal enable you to securely proof the threshold and astragal gap against rodents and other pests. The patented seal is developed in the flexible and durable material Santoprene™. Reinforced with embedded acid-resistant steel wires, which makes it virtually impossible for rodents and other pests to penetrate through it. The seal is corrugated to ensure the inlaid steel wires do not slide.



– A low-cost solution
– Eco-friendly
– Easy to clean, mount, adjust
– Great climate barrier
– The seal has no memory
– Effective reduction of water influx


Seals can be mounted in minutes using flat head screws (spaced 15 cm apart)

  • Single doors
  • Double doors
  • Automatic doors
  • Portals
Reference / Packaging

R4582 (25 m roll – Unit)

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Rodents Target

Rats, Mice

Rodents control method


Rodents Solution