PIPER 2.0 is an electronic rodent trap that can attract and capture any type of rodent that can be infested. Exclusivity LODI GROUP!

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Mice / Black Rats / Brown Rats


Electronic Trap


– Multiple capture trap
– Electronic catch control
– Without biocidal active substance
– Safe for humans, non-target animals and the environment


Near rodents habitations

References / Packaging

– R0915 (Unit)

Accessories :
– R0916 (PIPER-MIX Mix of natural baits / 600 g sachets)
– R0918 (PIPER-LIFT Protection Scale / Unit)
– R0923 (PIPER 2.0 / Wall Mount)
– R0924 (PIPER 2.0 / Pack of 2 batteries)
– R0926 (PIPER 2.0 / Scale)