EMEROD CONSERVATIVE LIQUID is a conservation liquid for multi-catch rodent traps for use in RD BOX (Ref. R0930) and  RD VBT (Ref. R0931) equipments or any similar trap.

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Liquid deodorant concentrate.


All rodents.

Doses of use

RD BOX – Ref. R0930 : 1L into the drip way for 2L of water.
RD VBT – Ref. R0931 : 4L into the drip way for 6L of water.
In other traps : mix the product so that it is 2 cm in the recovery tank.


– Usable with all rodent capture devices.
– Creates a barrier to odors.
– Bacteriostatic power.
– Allows conservation of captured rodents up to 3 months.
– Without food allergen.

References / Packaging

R8077 (5L can / Unit)