Phobi Mosquitoes EC

Emulsifiable insecticidal concentrate. Special for mosquitoes in spatial treatment, surfaces, nets and volumes. Biocidal use.

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Active Substances

Etofenprox 300g/L – Pyrethrum 1g/L

Type de formulation
Concentré émulsionnable insecticide.



Action ensuring 100% mortality, combining rapidity of action and good persistence.

  • Based on Etofenprox, an active ingredient with a unique toxicological profile.
  • Odourless formula.

Spraying in surface treatment and mosquito nets. Cold fogging. Thermal fogging.

Dose of use

– Surface treatment: 10mL of product per 1L of water to treat 20m2.
– Treatment of mosquito nets: 70mL of product in 5L of water to treat 100m2.
– Spatial treatment: 35mL of product per 1 hectare, to be diluted 25% in water.
– Treatment of volumes: 50mL of product to treat 1000m2, to be diluted 25% in water.

Authorized Uses

Strictly professional.


H 85 x L 60 mm

References / Packaging

I8157 (500mL bottle with dispenser / Box of 4 units)

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Insects Target

Flying Insects, Mosquito

Insects control method


Insects Solution

Concentrate Liquid