Emulsifiable concentrated larvicide for the control of insect larvae (fleas, bed bugs, flies, triboliums, etc.). The active substance, S-Methoprene, acts as a growth regulator in insects. It disrupts the development cycle and prevents larvae from becoming adults, resulting in a decrease in the population.

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Active Substance

S-methoprene 6.11%

Type of formulation

Emulsifiable concentrate.


Flea larvae, bed bugs, flies, triboliums, etc.


Growth regulator.

  •  Highly concentrated formula based on IGR (insect growth regulator).
  •  Efficiency 6 weeks.


Dose of use

10 mL LARVOX in 5L of water to treat 100 m².

Authorized Uses

For professional use only.

References / Packaging

I7121 (500 mL bottle / Box of 8 units)