Phobi Fenox Dose

Emulsifiable concentrate for sensitive areas in public hygiene, animal husbandry, waste and garbage treatment as well as for POA/POV premises. Very effective against flying insects, crawling insects, dust mites and bed bugs but also to control insects in stored food.

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Active Substance

Etofenprox 300g/L – Pyrethrum 1g/L

Type of formulation

Emulsifiable concentrate


Mosquitoes, flies, tenebrios, cockroaches, ants, fleas, mites, bed bugs, triboliums, pyrales, capuchins, lasioderms, dermatitis, weevils…


Knock down and residual effect (up to 3 months) on porous and non-porous materials

  •  Product not classified as dangerous to human health, not irritant, not sensitizing 
  • Solvents not classified for the environment 
  • Broad spectrum of action
  • Authorized in POV storage rooms containing packaged food

Spraying, nebulization, thermonebulization.

Dose of use

VOLUMES TREATMENT: 200 mL of product per 1000 m3 SURFACE TREATMENT: 50 mL of product in 5L of water to treat 100 m²

Authorized Uses

Biocidal use. Reserved for professionals.

References / Packaging

I8151 (10 x 25 mL isothermal box)

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Insects Target

Flying Insects, Fly, Mosquito, Crawling Insects, Cockroach, Ant, Bedbug, Insects of stored products

Insects control method


Insects Solution

Concentrate Liquid