Ready-to-use lacquer for optimal control of wasps and hornets.

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Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Respect the precautions for use.

Active Substances

D-Trans-Allethrin 1.5 g/L – Cypermethrin 5 g/L – PBO 3 g/L

Type of formulation

Ready to use lacquer.


Cockroaches, cockroaches, ants, wasps, flies, mosquitoes, bugs, ravets.


Rapid action on insects and long-lasting effectiveness on nests.

  •  Remanent action, avoids any recolonization.
  •  Shock action.


Dose of use

1L approximately per nest.

Authorized Uses

Strictly professional use


H 85 x L 60 mm

References / Packaging

I7134 (10L canister / Unit)