Ready-to-use liquid insecticide used for pest control:
– storage rooms for plant and animal products,
– for POV storage equipment,
– for POA and POV transport equipment,
– for the walls of POV storage rooms,
– harvested tobacco, against lasioderms and ephestia.

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Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Respect the precautions for use.

Active Substance

Natural pyrethrum 30g/L – Piperonyl butoxide 135g/L


9900247 (BAYER)

Type of formulation

Ready-to-use liquid insecticide


Tobacco beetle, ephestia, plodia, weevils of stored products, cockroaches, fleas.


Fast and non-residual action.

  •  Ideal for the treatment of premises containing packaged food of plant origin.
  •  Perfectly adapted to the treatment of food warehouses.
  •  HACCP certified.
  • No organic solvents.
  •  Patented FFAST (Film Forming Aqueous Spray Technology) anti-evaporation technology.

Ultra low volume, misting and spraying.

Dose of use

– For surface treatments: 0.005 L/m2. – For volume treatments (POV): 0.04 L/100m3.
– For the treatment of harvested tobacco: 0.0067 L/100m3 against ephestia and 0.02 L/100m3 against lasioderms. – For POA storage or transport equipment: 0.027 L/100 m3

Authorized Uses

Biocidal use

References / Packaging

I8065 (1L bottle / 12 units per box)