Cockroach bait gel in the form of a cartridge for the treatment of the interior and/or exterior of single-family homes, buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, public and institutional and transport premises.

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Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Respect the precautions for use.

Active Substance

Indoxacarbe 0,6%

Type of formulation

Ready to use gel


German cockroaches / Oriental cockroaches / American cockroaches


Quick action

  •  Bio-activation by cockroach enzymes
  •  Very palatable formulation
  •  Authorized in agri-food

Applicator gun

Dose of use

– 2 to 5 drops of gel (0.2g to 0.5g) per m²
– The number of drops can be increased (up to 5 per m²) under conditions of heavy infestation, extreme dirt or in the event of the dominant presence of American and/or Oriental cockroaches

Authorized Uses

Strictly professional use

References / Packaging

I8024 (30g cartridge / Box of 4 units)