Kit of 5 complete traps for the detection of IPS (Insects of Stored Products).

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Capture by food and/or sexual attraction


To be placed every 10 m in the storage warehouse. Special monitoring. Ensures the control of large volumes


5 reusable catch domes as desired,[+Refill=] 5 bags each containing 1 capsule of Pheromone (CFB/RFB) for Triboliums, 1 bottle of Kairomone (food attractant) for Silviens and Weevils, 10 diffusion blotters


Tribolums / Silvains / Weevils / Beetles IPS (Insects of Stored Products)

References / Packaging
  • – I3702 (Box of 5 units + accessories)
  • – I3703 (Trécé® Rebait kit / Tribolium Dome Refill / Unit)