Electric insect killer for catching flying insects. Indoor use, for surfaces less than 30m2. Plugs into an electrical outlet.

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L 250 x H 150 x D 90 mm






– Compact and easy to install (walls, furniture, window sills …).
– Elegant and modern design.
– High capture rate thanks to the luminous flux emitted from the top, front and sides of the device.
– Easy replacement of the sticky plate: patented removal of the specially designed adhesive panel on the back of the unit, helping users not to see captured insects.
– Equipment in accordance with HACCP principles.


Flies, midges

References / Packaging

– I3470 (11 watts Light trap / Unit)
– A3437 (ACCESSORY : Sticky plate – 6 units pack)
– A3438 (ACCESSORY : 11 watts lamp – Unit)