PHOBI Pyrethrum

Bio-boosted insecticide of plant origin. Formula without PBO. Can be used in Organic Agriculture. Ideal for the treatment of homes, offices, industrial premises as well as in the food industry, for the treatment of storage rooms and POA / POV transport equipment, as well as those containing hermetically packed foodstuffs. The product can also be used for tobacco processing.

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Active Substance

Natural Pyrethrum 20g/L

Type of formulation

Concentrated liquid insecticide.


Crawling insects: cockroaches, ants, adult fleas, spiders and POA/POV insects stored such as triboliums, weevils, dermatitis, tobacco lasioderms… Flying insects: food mites, ringworms, flies, mosquitoes, midges…


Shock action: 99% of insects eliminated in 4 hours

  •  Innovative formula based on natural Pyrethrum and PBO-free.
  •  Organic insecticide boosted thanks to the exclusive combination of solvents and 99.8% vegetable-based adjuvants.
  •  Particularly suitable for sensitive areas.
  •  Can be used for tobacco processing.

Spraying / Cold fogging

Dose of use

– SURFACE TREATMENT – Moderate infestation: 0.25 L of product in 5 L of water per 100 m² – Heavy infestation: 0.5 L of product in 5 L of water per 100 m²
– VOLUME TREATMENT Apply the pure product to the cold nebulizer. Do not dilute. 200 to 400 ml per 1000 m3.

Authorized Uses

Biocidal use

References / Packaging

I1739 (1L bottle – Box of 12 units)

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Insects Target

Flying Insects, Fly, Mosquito, Crawling Insects, Cockroach, Ant, Bedbug, Insects of stored products

Insects control method


Insects Solution

Adulticide, Concentrate Liquid