High performance odour destroyer, ideal for deodorizing landfills, septic tanks, garbage cans, slurry tanks…

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Active Substance

Mixture of scented compounds.


Water soluble dose of 5mL.


Overdorization and neutralization of bad smells.

Ready to use or spraying.
  • Water-soluble dose for easy use and precise dosage.
  • Isothermal box for resistance to impact, humidity and high temperature variations.
Dose of use
  • Public toilets, urinals, skips and containers: 1 dose of 5mL in 1 to 5 L of water.
  • Septic tanks: 1 dose of 5mL directly in the toilet and flush the toilet.
  • Slurry: 2 to 4 doses of 5mL in 1 to 3L of water.
Reference / Packaging
D1012 (Isothermal box of 50 water-soluble doses of 5mL).

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
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Odour Destroyer