Arvalin Phos (Biocide Use)

Rodenticide fumigant for the control of brown rats and voles.


Active Substance

Aluminium phosphide 68%.


FR-2014-0100 (DETIA DEGESCH GmbH)


PH3 for use Biocide TP14.

Authorized Uses

Use in tunnels and burrows only with an applicator cane.

Dose of use

5 tablets of 0.6g every 3-5 metres (light soils) or 8-10 metres (other soils).
Each 0.6g pill emits 0.2g of hydrogen phosphide.

References / Packaging
  • I8401 (Unit / 1kg bottle)
  • I8404 (100g bottle / 12 units per box)

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Product categories

Biocide use, Aluminium Phosphides