Swing Fog SN 50 PE

Thermal fogger for solvent-based or aqueous bases. Portable device, with polyethylene tank. Recommended for nebulization for mosquito and other insect pest control, plant protection in plantations and greenhouses, agricultural product stock protection, agri-food disinfection, room treatment including livestock rooms.



Device supplied with a mouthpiece for oily preparations, a special mouthpiece is required for aqueous products. Other accessories available as an option.


7L or 10L


L 133 x l 29 x H 33cm or L 133 x l 34 x H 33cm


8,7kg or 9kg

References / Packaging
  • M0350 (Unit – 7 L)
  • M0356 (Unit – 10 L)
  • A8666 (Unit)

Additional information

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 155 × 175 × 97 mm
Matériel Application / EPI

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