The Steam mini steam cleaner is the ideal tool to fight bedbugs naturally and effectively. Thanks to its specific accessory, the steam projected at 120 ° C eliminates both larvae, eggs and adult bedbugs without adding chemicals.

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Total volume boiler : 2 L
Material / quality : 316 L stainless steel
Operating pressure : 4.5 bars
Temperature : 148°C
See other specifications in the technical data sheet.


– No use of chemicals
– Intuitive control dial
– Allows a complete steam treatment : armchairs, headboard, furniture… 
– Filling possible during use without waiting for cooling


W 44 x l 32 x h 26 cm



References / Packaging
  • M0395 (Unit) Supplied with :
    – 2m flexible 
    – Angled nozzle
    – 23cm brush
    – High pressure nozzle
    – Cannes x2
    – Pekalon brushes
  • M0396 : Special accessory for bedbugs (Unit)