Protective equipment (PPE) specially designed for the treatment and removal of Asian hornet and other biting insects nests, requiring maximum protection. CE certified. Complies with EN 13688 standard.

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Attention, our products are sold exclusively to professionals.


  •  High quality professional combination offering convenience, speed and safety of intervention. 
  •  Reinforced fabric 610 g/m².
  •  High-density, high-strength, red exterior fabric for better visibility.
  •  Hood with plastic grid with 360° vision and reduced volume.
  •  Certified anti-perforation gloves in Kevlar interior, with elastic rubber on the ends.

Professional protection

  • M0133 (Asian Hornet Combination – S – On demand)
  • M0134 (Asian Hornet Combination – M)
  • M0131 (Asian Hornet Combination – L)
  • M0109 (Asian Hornet Combination – XL)
  • M0116 (Asian Hornet Combination – XXL)
  • M0117 (Asian Hornet Combination – XXXL)
  • M0132 (Asian Hornet Combination – XXXXL – On demand)