PULMIC duster

The PULMIC duster is a light, simple and small duster. Useful for the treatment of premises, it’s specially designed for the application of insecticide dry powders and anti-rodent dissuasive powders.


  • Large diameter fast pump
  • Large tank to facilitate filling and cleaning
  • Polyvalent duster for all type of powder application
  • Ideal to treat every nook and cranny difficult to access
Technical characteristics

Tank : independent, with mechanical stirrer
Load capacity : up to 1,5kg of powder
System : manual blower with plastic cover, diffusion nozzle
Agitator : propeller type
Tube dimensions : 33cm PVC tube for 14cm diameter
Weight : 740g

References / Packaging
  • M0481 (Unit)

Additional information

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 155 × 175 × 97 mm