Telescopic kit specifically designed to treat wasps and hornets nests at very high heights, quickly, efficiently and safely.

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Length of folded kit: 2.25m
Length of folded kit: 15.40m (30m maximum with extensions)
Length of carbon extension: 1.55m per extension.

Basic kit: 6kg

  •  Lightweight and ergonomic for quick intervention.
  •  Robustness: very light and high quality carbon.
  •  Adaptability: unlimited addition of 1.55 m extensions to reach the ideal height (up to 30 metres).
  •  Hose located inside the pole: no risk of sticking to the branches or cutting the hose.
  •  Valve system integrated into the lever handle to regulate the air/powder flow rate and drain the pipes.
  •  Compatible with most compressors (not supplied).
Example of compositions

For a complete 20 meter kit: Premium Telescopic Kit + 3 extensions For a complete 30 meter kit: Premium Telescopic Kit + 10 extensions


DR5 6 bar powderer supplied (modified) to perfectly meet high altitude treatments.

  • A4160 (Premium Telescopic Kit / Unit)
  • A4161 (Extension 1.55m / Unit)
  • A4162 (Transport bag / Unit)