Kit perche Beky special asian hornets

2 in 1 application solution specially dedicated to the high treatment of Asian hornet nests.



– The standard kit: 7 carbon poles for a total length of 12m60.
– Adjust the number of poles according to the height to be reached.
– A 1m70 extension is available as an option to reach 14m.


Basic kit (7 poles): 2,7kg


– The work is carried out in complete safety.
– It avoids accidents due to falls from a height.
– The user works remotely, from 1 to 14 meters.
– It is no longer sprayed by the sprayed product, far from the product: less toxic.
– You perform a controlled, precise spraying.
– The annoyance is reduced to almost zero.
– The equipment is quick to install and dismantle.

Extra equipment

To be used in combination with:
– The DUSTY DR5 powder snow machine (Ref: M0446)
– The PRO SPRAYER sprayer (Ref: M0370)

  • M0380: Complete kit including:
    – 7 x 1m70 meter poles
    – 1 set of pipe support hook
    – 1 set of protective sleeve
    – 1 flat jet nozzle
    – 1 pipe of 15 meters long
    – 1 kit viton connection with push barb
    – 1 transport bagAdditional references :
  • M0381: 10 meter extension hose plus connection
  • M0382: adjustable angle adapter (angled)
  • M0383 : brown mirror nozzle and nozzle holder
  • M0384: blue straight jet nozzle and nozzle holder
  • M0385: 1m70 meter extension

Additional information

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 155 × 175 × 97 mm
Materials / PPE

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