Powerful electric pump for injection and spraying of all types of liquid products (cleaning agents, disinfectants, insecticides), including chlorine and acid.

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Technical Characteristics
  • Jet length : 0 to 6 meters + length of the lance
  • Adjustable pressure from 0 à 15 bar
  • Self-priming
  • Flow : 0 to 640 liters/hour
  • Elevation up to 150 meters

H 96 x W 48 x l 53 cm


19,8 kg


– Spraying: treatment of roofs, walls, facades, terraces …
– Injection wood and frames thanks to the heavy-duty gun and its male injection nozzle (accessories).

  • Self-priming.
  • Long throw jet : up to 6 meters.
  • Accepts all products (chlorine, acid…).
  • Spray lance 60 cm.
  • Electric motor 220 volts 0.44 kW asynchronous.
  • Polypropylene cylinder heads and pump bodies.
  • Viton® membranes and seals resistant to industrial products.
  • 3 high-strength hoses, for chemicals:
    – Suction hose with foot valve and brass / plastic strainer (length 2.50 m).
    – Permanent stirring tube for continuous stirring of the product (length 2.50 m).
    – Working pipe 50 m.
  • Delivered on a cart.
References / Packaging

Ref. M0391 : Unit
Supplied on a trolley with hoses and a 60cm lever.
Warranty 12 months (read the terms of use recommended in the instructions).

Accessories :
Ref. M0392: heavy duty gun
Ref. M0393: male injection nozzle
Ref. M0494: IGOL oil 1L